Carboxytherapy cellulite treatment

Carboxytherapy is a NON Surgical method. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is infiltrated into he subcutaneous tissue. It is effective and safe.

Carboxytherapy cellulite treatment is one of the best and most modern techniques that can dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite, kill fat cells, fight flaccidity as well as the body and face aging signs. The first results are seen almost immediately after your first cellulite treatment.


Carboxytherapy Black woman with cellulites

Surprisingly, the process has minimal side effects compared to other methods. The possible side effects are the redness and numbness of the skin at the area of injection. There are no other common or known side effects recorded with patients treated with Carboxytherapy.

The quality of the tissue improves, the skin becomes softer and the affected zones thinner. It restores the microcirculation morphology and function (basis of the illness) by: Raising the quantity and speed of blood flow, Eliminitating the built up fluid between the cells, Desintegrating the fat of the hypodermis, and Diminishing the fibrosis.

The CO2 can be used in any part of the body with good results and no side effects. Another interesting fact is that Carboxytherapy cellulite treatment provides excellent results on patients with long time cellulite and it also provides great results on young patients as a prevention method.

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