Eyelash Extensions

Natural Lashes

You, only better! This style follows your natural eye shape with a subtle and gradual flare at the outer corner, with shorter lashes in the inner corner.

Eye shapes best suited for: almond, protruding, mono-lid, close-set eyes.

Cute Lashes

This style uses longer eyelash extensions at the center of your lash line to make your eyes appear larger and more open.
Eye shapes best suited for: almond, deep-set, mono-lid, down-turned, wide-set and hooded eyes.

Sexy Lashes

This style features eyelash extensions that are longer on the outside edge of the eyes to make every wink count, with a sleek cat eye appearance.
Eye shapes best suited for: almond, protruding, mono-lid, close-set eyes.

Eyelash Extension Volumes type

Classic Lash Extensions

This is our signature lash application, where we attach 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash. It’s great for a vibrant, natural look.

Hybrid Volume

Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Mixing these lashes together creates a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone.

Volume Lash Extensions

This is our top-shelf application, where we attach a handmade fan of 2 or more of our lightest extensions to your natural eyelash. It’s fantastic for a full, luscious look.

Services offered:

Full Set 

Go from no extensions to a full set of lash extensions. Allow about 90 minutes.

Lash Refill* 

Make your full set look brand new. Replaces missing extensions and adds lash extensions to new lash growth. Allow about 45-60 minutes. Schedule every 2-3 weeks for best results.   NOTE: if less than 50% of your lash extensions remain (per eye) you may need to schedule a Full Set instead.

Extension Removal

Go from a Full or Partial Set back to your natural lashes.


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