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Hydrafacial, a complete facial for all skin types to promote a healthy skin in a long-term basis. It’s designed to produce notable results and has many benefits including: exfoliation, extract impurities, even skin, give a radiant tone, reduce pigmentation over time, and nourish skin.

The Hydrafacial, a medical-grade facial completely safe with no down time or discomfort. It’s specifically designed to fight the negative effects of the environment (like pollution and contamination) on our skin, successfully removes dead skin cells each time for a long lasting healthier skin.

The first step is to prepare the skin by applying a serum (lactic acid, botanical extracts and glucosamine), which helps to open up the pores and remove superficial dead skin cells.

The second step, is to apply glycolic acid in a low and safe concentration; this will help clarify dark spots and help you to look radiant and youthful.

The third step consists in using a Hydro-peel tip with a spiral head to extract and rinse the skin with salicylic acid.

After having the skin prepped and clean, we will proceed to nourish it with the best ingredients: antioxidants, aminopeptids, and hyaluronic acid that will make the skin look healthy and glowing for a long period of time, making this treatment an excellent way to improve your skin.

The Hydrafacial is approximately 30 to 40 minutes long and our professional staff will be able to personalize recommendations for your skin, like mechanical lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins from the skin, or the option of three different serums: Dermabuilder (reduce fine lines), CTGF (grow factor that smooth textured rough skin), and Britenol (give skin an even complexion and reduce appearance of dark spots). And lastly, finishing up with an LED light therapy: red light (increases collage and elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles) or blue light (kills acne bacteria – acne treatment)


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